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We are the leading provider of chronic pain management in Colorado. We have been proudly serving the community since 2010. Se habla espanol. Pain acts as a signal to let you know when your body needs help. Our physicians utilize an assortment of narcotic and non-narcotic analgesic medications to block pain, and provide comfort. Coping with chronic pain can often lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. Untreated, these issues can significantly affect your personal relationships, and professional job performance.

For patients experiencing long lasting severe pain, a multi-disciplinary approach is taken to ensure the greatest long-term results. Although we specialize in providing pharmacological pain management (pain pills), we highly recommend acupuncture, chiropractor, and additional adjunct therapies. Our facility accepts referrals from physicians, employers, attorneys, and third-party payers. To see if you qualify for our pain management program, please call today.


Pharmacological Pain Management Solutions

Pain Management

You don’t have to suffer in silence. During your evaluation, the source(s) of your pain are assessed and identified. In some cases, pharmaceutical intervention provides a safe alternative to surgical intervention. Our physicians utilize a holistic approach when treating chronic pain, which ultimately gives you peace of mind, knowing that we are capable of resolving the underlying problem, and not just the symptom.

Instead of providing a quick fix for painful conditions, we offer long-term solutions that are both affordable and sustainable.

If you are seeking long-term management of your chronic pain, you will be seen on a monthly basis. Patients under 31 years of age must additionally provide medical records. In some cases, we may offer physician referrals for massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, or other therapeutic treatments. Please call us with questions at 720-405-2331.

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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What else can I do besides taking pain medication to feel better?

Holistic healing is one alternative medicine to pain management and an overall better quality of life.

What is holistic healing?

Holistic healing is the practice of integrating conventional and alternative medicine practices. Focus on the person as whole; mind, body, and spirit. For example acupuncture, aromatherapy, yoga, and meditation.

What benefits do you get from holistic healing?

It can give you a quicker relief of pain while improving your overall health.

Can yoga help with pain management?

Yes, certain yoga stretches and poses can be beneficial to pain management.

Does holistic healing work for everyone?

Yes, holistic healing works for everyone because it focuses on healing through the body and mind.

Do I qualify for Pain Management?

You must be seen on a monthly basis. Patients under 31 years of age must additionally provide medical records. Not sure if you qualify? Call us with questions at 720-405-2331.

When should I take pain medication?

Don't wait until pain becomes severe to take pain medication. Pain is easier to control when it is mild. You should take your pain medication regularly, just as prescribed. Sometimes this means taking medicine on a regular schedule, even when you don't feel pain.

Will I become addicted to narcotic pain medications?

Not necessarily, if you take your medication exactly as prescribed. A person's likelihood of becoming addicted depends, in part, on his or her addiction history. Addiction is less likely if you have never abused drugs or had an addictive disorder. Ask your doctor about any concerns you may have.

Why do I need to keep taking more of my medicine to have the same effect?

This situation occurs when you have developed tolerance to a drug. Tolerance is a normal physiological response to narcotics and occurs when the initial dose of a substance loses its effectiveness over time. Changing the dose or the medication often solves the problem. Just because you have become tolerant to a drug does not mean that you are addicted to that drug.

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