Fighting A Migraine Naturally

Fighting a Migraine Naturally

Lights are making you squint. The squinting triggers nausea. Your head throbs. These are the symptoms of a migraine headache. The pain caused by migraines that are so unbearable, you will do absolutely anything to make them stop. There are multiple natural ways to treat and prevent migraine headaches and we are going to share some of them with you.

Nobody knows the exact cause of migraines. However, what scientists do know is that all the symptoms that seem to cause a migraine headache also seem to be the same for people with Magnesium deficiencies. Magnesium opens depleting vessels in the brain, resulting in headache relief. You can easily get more Magnesium by incorporating vegan staples into your diets such as leafy greens, seeds, and legumes.

Common causes of migraines are stress. Sitting in traffic all morning to sit at a desk all day, and then slouch on a couch all night, and then curl up into a ball in bed. Our postures are out of whack, and it’s causing stress on the body, which is causing stress on our heads. Yoga poses that are great for migraine pain are downward facing dog, forward folds, and the bridge pose. And if you sit at your desk all day, try sitting cross-legged. This position reminds your body to watch your posture. A little yoga goes a long way.

Lavender Essential Oil
Essential oils are the volatile liquids of plants. When inhaled through the nostril, the aroma of the plant sends a signal to your brain. Studies have proven that lavender essential oil can relax your muscles, relieving tension in the brain. Diffusing some lavender oil while doing yoga would be a great 1-2 punch to the migraine pain.

So incorporate in some healthier ways to treat your pain. Combining more Magnesium, yoga, and inhaling Lavender essential oils are all homeopathic remedies for treating migraine headache pain.

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