Yoga For Back Pain

Yoga for Back Pain

Chronic back pain is familiar to many. Stretching with yoga poses is one way to relieve that pain. Exercises like yoga and stretching can release tension, relieve pain, and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. A few yoga poses to relieve lower back include the following but are not limited to, downward facing dog, two knee spinal twist, cobra, pigeon, and extend triangle.

Downward-facing dog is likely Yoga’s most widely recognized pose. Stretching your hamstring muscles with down dog could benefit you by improving the blood circulation in your upper leg and thigh, letting relief settle into your aching back. In the same fashion, The Two-Knee Twist stretches your shoulders, lower back, hips, and your upper back. Perhaps, resulting in less pain or stiffness in your lower back, spine, and hips. Work your way into the cobra pose. Another pose to stretch your muscles in your shoulders, chest, and abdominals, in effect decreasing the stiffness of the lower back. The Pigeon pose is one to improve your posture, alignment, and overall flexibility. In which causing lower back stiffness and pain to diminish.The triangle pose is great for strengthening your back muscles. Alleviating back pain and relieving stress. Said to be used therapeutically for anxiety, neck pain, and stress.

Yoga is known to be beneficial for multiple purposes. It could increase flexibility, gain muscle strength and tone, and improve respiration and daily energy. The breathing practice is a crucial part of yoga. Exercises as such could lead to easing the symptoms of asthma. Theoretically known to be an insomnia buster and a memory boost. Unexpectedly Yoga could be a beneficial supporting treatment for PTSD. Treatments for chronic back pain include stretching, physical therapy, and pharmaceutical intervention. Click here to learn more about the latter.

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