Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose, also known as one-legged pigeon or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, is a beginners pose. Start on all fours in the middle of your mat. On an inhale take your left foot and extend it until it is parallel to your back and set it down on the mat. Then on an exhale bring your left leg all the way up to the front of the mat. Now take your right foot and draw a line with them straight down to the bottom of the mat. You should be now in a half split, one-legged pigeon. Now you are going to want to press up and out of your fingertips, you should start to create some support in your arms. Make sure you have an open chest. Pay attention to your left foot; you are going to slowly walk your foot out to the right edge of the mat. Being sure you are not folding into the pose, keep your back straight. Coming onto the palms, don’t forget about your left foot, use the top of your foot for some more support. Next, Open your hips through your right hip crease and find the external rotation in the left hip. Always make sure you are breathing. On the exhale, try to drop deeper into the pose and on the inhale keeping the heart lifted. Now slowly melt the heart down, maintaining the back straight, move your torso down to the mat, breathing. Slowly move your right foot back underneath your thigh. Now bring your left leg back up and coming back to all fours. Repeat the steps with your other hip for 12 inhales.

If this pose is performed correctly and consistently, there are multiple benefits you can receive from it. Combining this yoga stretch with our other poses increases the outcome. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana opens the hip joints and releases the negative reaction and unwanted energy kept in your system. At the same time it stretches the thigh, it extends and strengthens your muscles. Pigeon pose is extremely constructive for lengthening the hip flexor and expanding the groins and psoas. This pose also has some non-physical benefits, which include helping with urinary disorders, diminishing sciatic pain and encourages the internal organs. Not only does it help within but it also increases hip flexibility, improves posture and alignment, decreases your lower back pain and stiffness. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana releases the tension from sciatic back pain and eliminating built up stress, fear, trauma and anxiety.

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