A simple pose and easy to get into, Bhujangasana, also known as Cobra, is extremely beneficial to the upper half of your body. Bhujangasana, originated from the words bhujanga, meaning serpent, and asana, meaning posture. Let’s begin.

Start by placing yourself in the downward facing dog pose. On an inhale come forward into the plank position and on the exhale, bend your elbows and slowly lower your whole body down to the floor. Roll your shoulders back and gently pressed your elbows in towards each other. Reach back through your legs and press down trough your hands and slowly send your chest forward and up. Keep the back of your neck straight and your feet active as you continue to broaden your collarbones and roll your shoulders down and back. To exit this pose stat on an exhalation and release your torso down, roll your toes under and press back to down dog.

When it comes to benefits, the Cobra pose has many. Great pose for strengthening your back and opening your chest and shoulders. As well as strengthening the spine, it aids in stretching the lungs and abdomen. A very significant benefit to the Cobra is its ability to help relieves stress and fatigue. Whether it be stress from everyday life or a new oncoming stress that may involve your relationships. It can also ease lower back pain. It has been known to be therapeutic for asthma, and the traditional text says the Cobra pose can destroy disease. If you are a beginner to the cobra or new to yoga altogether be sure to take it slow and easy. Don’t overdo the backbend and be sure to find the height that is comfortable for you.

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