Essential Oils Aiding Pain Management

Essential Oils Aiding Pain Management

When coming home after a hard day of work, do you find yourself digging in the medicine cabinet for some pain killers? For some people, taking aspirin is in their daily routine. Aches and pains come with just being human. Some people, suffering from chronic pain, may want to use holistic healing along with harder and stronger medications. Pairing the two healing approaches will be more beneficial for pain management relief.

Thanks to nature and researchers, we have found out how to treat this misery using pure essence. Essential oils are potent and exceedingly rich oils of plants, without the demand of unnatural chemicals. Many of our modern medicine is converting to more natural materials.

Depending on where and the type of pain, the oils can either be applied directly to the affected area, treated in a massage with a base anoint, or be mixed with water and then ingested. Some oils can be very potent to be applied, so make sure you do your research before administering or take internally. The three following essential oils are some of the leading remedies for holistic healing.

Lavender is one of the gentlest essential oils on the skin and is used for relaxation and pain relief. It is typically practiced for headaches, muscle strains, tension, and insomnia.

Not only does it help for your pain but it is also good for a digestive aid, reducing all kinds of stomach annoyance. Lavender has an antiseptic property that helps bruises heal naturally. On top of that, this oils can help relieve mental affliction caused by depression, mood swings, and anxiety.

Increases alertness in the neck, nerves, and helps with carpal tunnel pain. Wintergreen can help alleviate headaches, muscle cramps, tendonitis, bone pain and joint pain. This oil is also known for driving out tension and stress.

Wintergreen is used for treating and helping patients that have rheumatism and arthritis. Wintergreen helps the increase of blood circulation around the suffering tissues. When Wintergreen reaches the bloodstream, it helps arouse and raise urination, boosting up the elimination of uric acid and the other toxins invading the body.

Calms the mind with anti-inflammatory factors. Some of the benefits of using peppermint are the release of tight muscles, subdues headaches, and reduces stomach aches. Not only does it do that but the oils also freshen your breath, it helps boost your energy and improves mental focus.

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