The Extended Triangle

Extended triangle, also is known as Utthita Trikonasana, is a beginner’s pose. Start by standing at the edge of your mat facing forward. Step your left foot back and rotate your feet at a 45-degree. Leaving a gap about 4 feet wide between your two feet, larger than you would usually think. Be sure you keep your heels in line. Open up your torso to the side by rotating your hips and extend your arms out to your sides. Making sure you remember to take deep inhales and exhale as you move and turn your body. As you press into that back heel, reach out and down with the right hand, bending down to grab your shin or ankle. Grab whichever is convenient and comfortable for you. A prop such as a book or a block, placed next to your right foot, is an option to grab onto as well. Rotate with your bottom ribs up towards the ceiling. Looking up, if it is comfortable for your neck, toward the roof. Make sure your hips are open, picturing yourself squeezing between two panes of glass. Double-checking on the posture of your body. As it has to be a certain way to get the most out of this pose. Keep your legs straight and right front foot pressed firmly into the ground. At this moment, your arms should be perpendicular to the floor. Hold this position and take three to six deep breaths here. To exit, inhale and press into that back heel and lift yourself up easily and slowly. Then bring your feet back together. Repeat this on the left side for the same amount of breaths.
If you perform this pose properly and consistently, there are many benefits to come from the triangle. Combine this stretch with other stretches and increase your benefit outcome. Utthita Trikonasana stretches your legs and all the muscles around the knee. At the same time helping your hips, ankle joints, hamstrings, groin muscles, calves, shoulders, chest, and spine by stretching these locations. Proving relief throughout most of your body. Not to mention, strengthening your legs, knees, abdomen, and back. This pose is also great for athletes trying to enhance their core and back strength. Another reason athletes should practice the extended triangle is that of its ability to open the muscles in the groin area. It could help alleviate back pain and even help aid with the relief of menopause side effects.
If you are one to struggle with stress from work, relationships, home life, and or everyday stress, the extended triangle can help you because it reduces stress. It also contributes to calming your mind and body, by using holistic healing. This yoga pose could be utilized therapeutically for anxiety, neck pain, and infertility. At the same time improving constipation and digestion. Finally, because of the position of your legs in this pose requiring a sturdy ankle, if you keep your ankle with the right balance it will decrease the likelihood of sprain and any ankle injuries.
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